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Open-Air Museums
Titul: Open-Air Museums
Autor: Iveta Zuskinová
Naša cena: 5,97 €
Bežná cena: 11,95 €
Ušetríte: 50% (5,97 €)
Jazyk: anglický
Technické údaje: 2008, poč. strán: 112, rozmer: 160 x 235 mm, väzba: mäkká
Vydavateľ: DAJAMA
ISBN/ISSN: 978-80-89226-59-7
Novinka: nie
Na sklade: áno
Doba dodania: obvykle do 1 týždňa
O titule:
DAJAMA Publishers in its edition Cultural Heritage of Slovakia prepares books about the cultural heritage of our country. The book Open-Air Museums is free continuation to the book about wooden churches.
Open-air museums represent at the moment a very popular form of presentation of folk architecture traditional way of life and culture in the reconstructed historic, cultural and natural environment. There are ten open-air museums in Slovakia.
The book Open-Air Museums is also a kind of a guidebook for visitors to the conserved reserves of historic structures. The aim of the book is to anticipate the most complete idea possible of the place even before the visit. Each presentation of the open-air museum starts with a brief description of the most interesting items the Museum has to offer. The short introduction is followed by an identification of its position, a brief history and above all a walk through the locality with all interesting information about the individual structures in the Museum. The texts about them are accompanied by stories bound to individual buildings. The text is accompanied by plans, maps and recent photographs.
The book offers detailed characteristics of ten open-air museums and the final chapter describes the life and events that are heldthere round the year. Apart from seeing the individual buildings and structures which are typical for the given region it is also recommend to attend the accompanying events. They are regularly organized above all during summer and they often vividly illustrate the life, work and festivities of our ancestors. The short overview of additional localities that are to become open-air museums is also added. They still have to fulfil various conditions but in spite of it, it is worth seeing them. The Dajama Publishers wish all potential visitors of our open-air museums to have a nice and agreeable time during their visits that will certainly provide them a lot discovering information and a long-remembered experience.